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The text-based roleplaying game Knights comes from developer Tomasz Furca. It’s a text-based game that can be played on any web browser, and it focuses on allowing players to create their very own knight and explore the world in which the game is set.

There’s a lot to do in Knights, even though it’s a text-based game. You can undertake epic journeys and quests, slay fearsome monsters, battle against other players, and take part in tournaments. Your ultimate goal is to achieve the highest title in the game, that of King. This title is bestowed on one player each month via an election system. The player who is named king must organise events and tournaments for the following month.

Although the game’s story is one of the major focuses of the game, there is also an emphasis on community participation. You can join guilds, which give you a variety of bonuses. On the Knights forum, you can meet other players to fight alongside or against.