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Welcome to the Supernova Forum... Feel free to use this area to share your tips, offer new ideas or make suggestions on updates and improvements. Help others to troubleshoot and anything else!

Gamers from this sci-fi world have joined the fight either as a human or an alien to protect the race of their choosing. Now you must master the flexible upgrade system as well as be super-skilled at crafting in order to give your commanders the leading edge. The progression to victory will depend on your management of a myriad of technologies as you immerse in the intense visuals this title is known for.

Durable boosts delivered to characters arrive from drops which are stockpiled during the game. Mechanoughts can also help you break down your enemy’s defences. Balance management of land, air units and infantry and boost your units when needed. SuperNova features a range of humanoids, aliens and mechs, as well as creeps and minions controlled by artificial intelligence. Mech pilots, mercenaries and alien commanders can all boost your chances of being victorious. The game was first released in 2015.

The Supernova Forum is open and ready for newbie and veteran players to come together and help realise the full potential of Supernova gameplay. Trouble earning the in-game currency for upgrades and new spawns? Lost in the extensive array of enhancements? Or just in love with the sci-fi atmosphere and possibilities? Here you can share all.