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Welcome to the Cloud Pirates Forum...

Cloud Pirates is a combat based MMO game developed by, released in 2016. The Beta version is under development and is soon to be released.

The land of saraut exploded long ago, leaving islands floating in space, inhabited by the people of Saraut. Pirates now roam the skies, plundering and looting ships and islands. Players are given a variety of ships to choose from, each of different size and combat strength. Players start off as sailors and level up to become a captain by gaining points and money. Ships come with customizable features which the layers can employ to change the appearance and combat settings of the ships. Players of pirate Cloud have to gather a crew and slowly progress up the game, by fighting other players and NPCs. Different skies offer different hardships and challenges that the players have to overcome.

The game has a player vs. player mode, allowing 10 players to play against a team of ten players at a time. The better your team work and battle strategy, the quicker and more intense the battle. Combine forces with other cloud pirates and play out the team strengths to surprise your enemies. Or you can simply come up with strategies that will outwit the other captains in looting and become the best through wit and brainpower.

The Cloud Pirate forum provides a platform for the players to form and assemble a team, devise and discuss battle strategy and pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the team to become the best team online.