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Welcome to the Screeps forum!

Screeps is an open-source, MMO, RTS game for programmers. Screeps means “scripting creeps.” The heart of Screeps is to program your units' AI. You use JavaScript to control your colony which work around the clock in real-time against other players. Screeps features a large persistent world with 40,000 connected game rooms and a coding space with other players.

Screeps features a variety of units you need to program such as: base units, base building, mining resources, territory control, economy, manufacturing, transporting, logistics, and trading. You can edit your scripts in the in-game editor, or using an external IDE. No subscription is required. You can play on your own server, modify game rules and play with your friends via LAN or online.

It is highly recommended that you get to know the basics of programming before playing. Otherwise it will be difficult to play the game. Once you get to know the basics you should be all set knowledge wise to start playing! You are not able to physically place units in the game you will have to script everything. The more knowledge you know about scripting the faster you’ll be able to advance in the game.

After completing the tutorial you are able to select a room. You are shown various colored boxes on a grid, with symbols on a variety of boxes which symbolizes other players. When starting you’re considered a Novice and can select a room in the Novice area. What’s great about this area is that its protected from outside entities. Try to pick a room around two energy sources and one that doesn’t have a player already in it.

Once you pick a room you are given a free spawn to place wherever you like. You can place the spawn by moving your cursor around and clicking to place. You also have to name the spawn. From here on out you have to code, you can choose to use the in-game editor or an IDE. Just be aware that the in-game editor doesn’t have syntax checking.

In the game view you see your entire room which various energy sources and spawns. Some energy sources you may encounter are: power, energy, oxygen, and more! Under your room you have the in-game editor, which shows tabs for scripts, console, and memory. To the right you are able to see a world map, display, and other settings.

The user interface is kept dark grey with text in white. Objects of interest are either yellow or blue. You will also see structures set up in a light gray. When hovering over UI elements tabs will turn blue. Depending on the room you’re in you will also see various areas with green spots.

A great way to get started is to gather energy to spawn new Screeps and then create an automated system to spawn new Screeps so your colony doesn’t die. Always remember to keep updating your controller so you can still have access to the room.

The game was developed and published by Screeps.

The game forum allows players to help each other overcome programming challenges, share code, interact with other players and discuss everything Screeps!