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Not Getting Banana

15.05.2016, 01:39
I played the game and didn't receive any banana
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RE: Not Getting Banana - 15.05.2016, 04:12
Michael Leader
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please contact support, they will help you out
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RE: Not Getting Banana - 25.02.2018, 15:09
MiniDowgy Newby
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You need to take a screenshot of the completed quest. For example in the first quest you need to reach level 8 and the rank of cavalier. One you have reached this you need to screenshot it and send it in where it says add screenshot by the quest. I usually use snipping tool to screenshot but there are other ways. I hope this helped, if you still are confused on what to do message me further under my username, icon, and information, where it shows a green envolope. If your screenshot gets denied contact support on the bottom right.
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