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Screenshot problems

14.11.2017, 23:07
I am using the control + print screen option to take a picture of the game (full screen). I have used the same method on all games and the screenshots worked fine. This time I am being told that the photo is unreadable and the user login isn't there. It's in the image that I see when I save and submit it. Is there any other methods I can use to take photos of the game? This has me really confused. I went ahead and submitted a new image but I'm not sure it was different than the last.
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RE: Screenshot problems - 15.11.2017, 01:28
Shazam Merlin Leader
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Hey Kittichoo,
Try using the snipping tool, it's similar and it should work. Also when you output the photo after control+print screen, try outputting as a different format, like .png or .jpeg. Or you could try using a program like that helps you take screenshots.
Hopefully, it works!
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