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Getting an error when trying to upload a screenshot for an ingame quest

10.10.2016, 14:25
To add a screenshot you need to pass the registration process correctly

The most common problems:
- user has already played in a given game and information about that are stored in browser cookies (clear your browser or use another) In client based games some data of the previous account can be stored in registry
- software such as Adblock may also block the transmitted data and cause problems with finishing registration
- you didn't confirm your email after registration

Make new registration and login to the game
I don't have adblock on, and I signed into Bananatic with my Google account.
I also have my email confirmed on roblox.
Any help would be appreciated!
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RE: Getting an error when trying to upload a screenshot for an ingame quest - 11.10.2016, 09:21
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Hey DimensionalGrape,

your are getting this Pop-Up because you have not got the verification from the game developer, which means that your new account was not verified by them. Mostly, the user blocks this verification with some kind of add-on, e.g. Adblock, NoScript, or any add-on from your antivirus.

Please register again in a new browser, which you have never used before and try to get the verification in this way. You got one, once the clock at quest 1 has changed into a checkmark.

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