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How to get free Robux using Bannatic.

26.01.2021, 18:15
1. Earn bananas! (Ways: watch videos, use codes, play games, etc.)
2. Purchase a paysafecard! ($10 = 5000 bananas, $25 = 12500 bananas, $50 = 25000 bananas, $100 = 50000 bananas)
3. Wait for an email to recieve your paysafecard. (Note: Within 48 hours it will get sent to your email. Make sure to check your spam folder just in case you don't see it.)
4. Go to your rewards section located in your panel and grab the code!
5. Go to Roblox, and then go to Robux. Purchase whatever amount of Robux you desire for. You will see a choice of payment types. Click other and continue. Next, click paysafecard. You can give your email and paysafecard email address if you like, but that's optional. Next click "Pay Now" and then continue. Then, put the code you got and check the box. Then click pay, and your done!

(You can also use Visa, I'm just showing steps with paysafecard.)
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