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Quest 3 is impossible.

02.10.2017, 12:02
I've been working at this game for awhile and all I got to was level 5 because around there your "free" cards you get by pure random chance start to make you lose too much and you can't level at an even rate due to the "wait 3 minutes until you can play again" mechanic. It's too infuirating and much of a waste of time to have quest 3 be level 8. Quest 5 or 6 sure, but 8 is way too high.
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RE: Quest 3 is impossible. - 06.10.2017, 17:44
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This isn't really true. I completed it just fine. Just letting you know, you don't need to wait for your health to regenerate. If you keep battling, you do only have half-ish HP, but you can still win. Just your health regen timer will reset if you lose and won't go any faster if you win.
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