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Sealo Newby
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08.08.2016, 06:23
I followed the link to registration, finished it, confirmed it. But it still says "Register and take part in an exiting battle!" Apparently it didn't work. Please Help
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RE: Registration - 08.08.2016, 11:15
MrCasual2502 Newby
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Hello Sealo, this is a problem that many face.
The most popular reason is that users don't use a clean browser and use adblock.

So here is what i suggest:
1. Uninstall Adblock (or atleast turn it off completely)
2. Clear your browsers cache, cookies and history.
3. Best option is to use a new browser which you just use for bananatic.

I hope I could help you. In case you got any more questions, just ask!

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