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01.06.2017, 17:58
ROBLOX is a very social and entertaining game for gamers looking for a socially active world in which you can play thousands of indvidual games of many genres, while making friends along the way to play those games with.

If you're looking for friends to play games with you this is my favourite game for that. I personally played from 2012-2016, and I loved it while I played it. As you can see it took four years for me finally to get bored of the game. Therefore, it offers a long amount of entertainment and is a very unique, interesting site to play on.

Rating: 9.2/10
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RE: ROBLOX - 03.08.2017, 14:00
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RE: ROBLOX - 03.09.2017, 23:12
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Roblox is a decent game, but there are WAY TOO MANY minigames to choose from, but I generally choose Murder Mystery just coz I know cheat spot.
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