How does it work?
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21.09.2018, 09:05
I don't understand how this "game" works...
Or any of the games! This is really stupid...
Bananatic should add more easy ways to
get the bananas. Do they really think we
would waste our time trying to earn thousands
of bananas, on games that dont even work?
Bananatic if you are reading this, please
oh my god PLEASE make an easier way to
earn bananas. Other wise you won't have many
people coming to your "sites" thanks, and bye!
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RE: WHATS THERE TO DO?? - 23.09.2018, 03:27
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All you have to do is register to the game, confirm the email registration (if you received one), and start playing. Then you should receive your badge and you can start your quests.
But you have to make sure your adblocks are turned off.
If you have any issues registering, you can contact the support team.
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