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World of Tanks

31.05.2017, 19:51
World of Tanks is a very entertaining and unique game. You may choose from a variety of tanks and teams allowing customization and variation from the other players. The quests are fairly simple and easy to complete.

Overall it is a game that can be played for hours, but practice makes perfect. This game can be quite difficult for beginners, but make sure to complete the tutorial(s) and to practice before jumping straight into a battle. Eventually, after enough playing skills will be developed and tank customization options will become reality making the game a much better experience.

I recommend this game interested in Vehicle Shooter Games and Strategy games. For the different areas of the tank affected by attacks at different levels adds a lovely strategic approach to this game.

I had fun playing this game and I'm sure those interested will too.
Rating: 9/10
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RE: World of Tanks - 01.06.2017, 08:00
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Perfect. :)
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