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Cloud Pirates B2P

Cloud Pirates B2P

Cloud Pirates B2P
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If you’re looking for an aerial combat MOBA with elements of MMO, Cloud Pirates may well be the gaming experience for you. In Cloud Pirates, you play as the captain of your own fleet and can equip your airship with a host of defences, skills and armaments to win epic flying battles high above the world of Sarnaut to obtain goods and glory. There are many game modes and vast opportunities to find a fighting style that suits you down to the ground.

Make the most of your strategic skills to crush your enemy via stunning manoeuvres and the finest weaponry. The more progress you make, the more upgrades you’ll get access to, and the more upgrades you obtain, the more formidable your abilities will become. There are many different ways to customise your ships and make them appear more intimidating. You can achieve great success by collaborating with other cloud pirates and even betraying them when their skills are no longer needed and you’re ready to capture the loot all for yourself.

The land of Sarnaut was smashed into pieces some time ago and now consists of various floating islands in space. Pirates explore the skies and jump between different islands to capture loot and destroy all that stand in their way. Ships include the fast and deadly Galleon and the beastlike Dreadnought. You can even fight your way through breathtaking 10v10 PvP battles. Why not leap into the exhilarating world of Cloud Pirates right now and conquer the air?

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